Vietnam : in a NGO

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Vietnam, 2010. I live there for a year for working as supervisor for cartoons. Meantime, I’m a photographer for a NGO (maiko) and do some photos for another one (smile group). I discover the other part of this country, I follow poeple with HIV and how they do for living.

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Being a western in Thailand.

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June 2009, I go to Thailand. Street photos about money, mixed couples, attraction/repulsion with western life.

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Prayers in exile

  • Ici Paris, entre deux mondes.

    Ici Paris, entre deux mondes.

  • le Dieu Néon.

    le Dieu Néon.

Décember 2008/March 2009 : Some politics exile lives in Paris, and pray how they can in this basement. I founded them by random and they catch me. Paris betwenn two worlds

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